Post Date Apr 18


Easter Bunny Workout

Burn some calories this weekend acting like a bunny with your little ones! Remember… The Easter Bunny may love his candy, but he hops it off :) The Easter Bunny Workout Bunny hops (60 sec) Plank side to side hops (30 sec) Squat jumps (60 sec) Modified push up…try to add a clap (30 sec) […]

Post Date Apr 16


Week 3: Only Whole Grains Allowed

It all started in Latvia! While my husband, Todd, was traveling around Europe with his Latvian teammates, competing against different teams in the European Basketball League, he noticed they all ate the same thing every morning for breakfast. It was called hot porridge. Americans call it oatmeal and some people eat it for breakfast and […]

Post Date Apr 11

The Chair Workout

Do you want to burn 300 calories? Pull up a chair and follow me! The Chair Workout is a total body workout and the only piece of equipment you need is a chair!!! This workout will tone your body and burn a lot of calories at the same time. The Chair Workout Warm up: 1 […]

Post Date Apr 10


From Playdate to Bootcamp

Yesterday we had another Mommy Playdate! Well, it was more like a Mommy Bootcamp while the kids played :) The moms worked hard and burned lots of calories!! Here is the workout… maybe you would like to try it at home or at the park with friends and their little ones! Warm up: Follow the […]

Post Date Apr 8


A little bossiness is healthy in a girl (or boy)!

I married a true leader. He was the point guard on his college and professional basketball teams. He told people where to go on the court, when to catch the ball when to shoot it. I thought this was something he had to learn how to do. I thought, his father was a professional basketball […]